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Meet Dr Jake Bright, Chiropractor

Dr Jake A Journey into Chiropractic Care

Dr Jake has always had a passion for healthcare, choosing to specialize in chiropractic because of its emphasis on natural healing methods. He is particularly drawn to addressing headaches, disc-related disorders, and the increasingly common issue of poor posture due to the surge in electronic device use.

Academic Background

Dr Jake holds two bachelor’s degrees in chiropractic from Murdoch University, where he graduated in 2013. His dedication to mastery is evident in his decade-long commitment to the Gonstead technique, enhancing his skills through regular seminars and hands-on practice.

Gonstead Technique Expert

With ten years of experience, Dr Jake specializes in the Gonstead technique—a method known for its precision and effectiveness in treating spinal issues. His expertise helps patients achieve significant relief and sustainable health improvements.


Beyond the Clinic

When he’s not aligning spines, Dr Jake pursues a unique hobby: he’s one of the few people worldwide who specializes in repairing classic Polaroid cameras. This meticulous skill requires a detailed and patient approach, qualities that also make him an exceptional chiropractor.

Passion for Wellness

For Dr Jake, the most rewarding part of being a chiropractor is simple yet profound—helping patients get healthy and stay healthy. His commitment to wellness is what motivates him every day, aiming to provide the best care and guidance for his patients’ health journeys.

Dr Jake is eager to welcome you to a healthier life, starting with a comprehensive approach that respects your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain or seeking to improve your overall health, Dr Jake is here to support your path to wellness.

Get to know him better when you book your first visit-he can’t wait to welcome you into the practice.


Dr Jake Bright | 08 9417 4004