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Yoga & Pilates

Women in a yoga class near Cockburn

Pilates and yoga are non-impact systems of exercise that strengthen and tone you body while also acting to increase flexibility. Some benefits of classes include:

  1. increase core strength
  2. develop stability and mobility
  3. lengthen and strengthen muscles
  4. improves posture
  5. helps prevent injury
  6. enhances functional fitness
  7. balances strength and flexibility
  8. improves balance and co-ordination
  9. improves circulation
  10. assists in stress management


Yoga class duration is 1.5 hours - $18 casual or $160 for ten classes

Kids yoga 1 hour - $15 casual or $120 for 9 week term

Pilates classes duration 1 hour - $15 casual or $135 for 10 class pass

** Private health rebate may be available on Pilates classes for Chiropractic Clinic patients, please contact the clinic for more details.

Bookings can be made by phone on 9417 4004, online booking system available soon.

General Yoga Classes: Suitable for all fitness levels and age groups, this class lays the foundations and teaches the basics for new participants and offers progressions for more advanced participants.
Pilates Classes: Group mat classes offered for all levels. Small class sizes allow the instructor to progress and advance you through the Pilates program at your own speed.
Pregnancy Yoga: Pre- and Post-Natal practices to ease discomfort, prepare the body, strengthen, stretch and relax. Learn techniques for calm and focus, and breathing techniques for stress and pain management. NB: Please inform your anti-natal professional before you begin any program of exercise.
Kid's Yoga: For confident, strong, healthy and happy kids send them to yoga! Kid's yoga aims to develop self-confidence whilst strengthening bones and muscles in a safe, fun and nurturing environment. Children develop techniques for managing stress as they grow through life.


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
9.30-11am   Yoga   Yoga    
10-11:30           Yoga
4-5pm       Kids Yoga    
6-7.30pm Yoga          
6-7pm   Pilates        
6:30-8pm     Yoga      
7-8pm   Pilates   Pilates    

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